Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Looking for quality hip hop?
Check out Detroit's own... Invincible!

She just dropped her looooong awaited, highly anticipated album - ShapeShifters. She's been in it for a minute yall... like Lyricists Lounge days. She's toured w/ Bahamadia, spit on Free the P, and walked the talk for awhile now.

If you don't believe me then check out her video for the joint she did w/ Finale called "Locusts" - every rebel emcee's gonna want their next vid to be like this!!!

Oh yeah, and she's also an Israeli born Anti-Zionist (translation - she stands in solidarity w/ Palestine).

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rebel Diaz members attacked by police

Political hip hop artists/activists from group Rebel Diaz were brutalized by the NYPD for doing a copwatch by cell phone-videotaping a street vendor being harassed by the cops.

Davey D puts what happened to these brothers in the larger context of police brutality in working class communities of color. Check out the link to his article above, it's from the brothers at SleptOn.com

And, as if that wasn't enough...

It turns out the NYPD wasn't satisfied w/ beating on these brothers... They decided to show up at their home yesterday and raid their shit w/GUNS DRAWN & NO SEARCH WARRANT

Here's the direct link to the post - http://hiphopnews.yuku.com/topic/674

What this is about

What's good!

I'm Son of Nun (S.O.N.), an activist and emcee. I've been building & spitting for a minute now and both my politics and my art have exposed me to people and places that have shaped my outlook. I want to spread that around a little you know.

So here's what you can expect...
- posts w/ pics from political events and shows (anyone can submit)
- links to articles on various political issues/movements/people
- info about music (old & new) and other art I'm feeling and/or creating
- life

I'm interested in learning more about what's happening locally and globally so definitely educate me on what's good.

I also want to know about different organizing strategies and tactics that have been successful for various struggles so they can be shared and repeated where appropriate.